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Controlling 100 from program - Non consistent
575 0 2017-9-21
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Hello All,

I am programming in python for controlling matrice 100. I am using the velocity control method for supplying velocity commands in X,Y and Z along with yaw rate (if required). I am facing some problems. I see that the drone motion is not consistent, that is the way the drone responds to the control program is not same for different itertions. One time or even second time, I see that the drone motion is perfectly working as expected and another time I see that the drone is not moving the same way it did earlier. Has anyone faced the same issue?

There are some ecternal systems used for localization, as the drone is flown in an indoor environment. I am not seeing any issues in data transfer and the velocity computation looks fine. The Onboard PC computes at a rate of approximately 60times per second and the drone is controlled with velocity.  But the response from the drone for the code in different iterations look different. If anyone has a suggestion/ solution, kindly help me out.

Thank you.

Use props
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