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Where to Fly?
1128 42 2017-9-24
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Genghis9 Posted at 2017-9-29 09:48
Irate Retro is correct...also, you need to consider pilot error.  If a pilot comes in too drug in and you are up and there is an incident, then you could be found at fault even though the pilot was below glide path.  Reason being you were violating the airspace.  As Irate was describing, airspace is in effect a buffer zone to not only ensure control and deconfliction but to keep non participating aircraft out and help clear areas that the participating aircraft can end up being in case they do deviate.  
Sorry to tell you, even though you are at or below 300 does not mean you are good to go and as Irate points out, you could be violating the fields airspace.
Please be careful and fly safe!

I've lived here long enough to hear the difference in a correct glide to airport and one that had to apply serious power while still within earshot.  If an event did happen, I am still only flying as a hobby while yielding to the bigger object. While flying about two hundred feet , I don't believe I will be seen unless I am in twilight, where I will have my lights on. The pilots should be watching out for the cell and AM radio towers along their approach.
i understand what you are conveying to me and I do appreciate it.
Of course all this changes dramatically after I pass my Part 107 exam.
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hmmm... Talk to the president of the club...   it's a matter of intolerance be them... If your a AMA member in good faith there no reason for a day, time or whenever, you have a right to fly there just as they do. We're all aviation hobbiest. Flying and photography go together. explain yourself to them. Late in the season now but maybe join next year.  Al
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Kneepuck Posted at 2017-9-28 19:01
Well, if you make it out to Southern California, you are welcome to fly at my place.  150 acres of pretty rugged but interesting scenery.

I'll definitely pass by, thank you These seem to be the only acres in the whole country someone is happy to allow me to fly above
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