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Gimbal Pan Settings? Camera keeps panning
1597 1 2017-9-24
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Actually there's a couple issues here. So I was practicing long exposure night shots last night. The winds were very calm in fact you couldn't detect a breeze at all on the ground (I know this changes the higher up). I took a all photos at 100 ISO, f5.6 and varied the shutter times from 4 sec-8 sec.. At one point I rotated the UAV clockwise to look down another street and after I let go of the yaw stick, the camera was still moving very slowly for a fair amount of time. I had to give it a little oposite yaw to stop it. I doubt the UAV was still rotating so I think it was likely the gimbal pan settings. What are the best gimbal settings to stop this? I would like the pan to mostly be controlled by the UAV's movement.
2nd problem: Some photos would be fairly clear while others at the same shutter speed would be a little blurry. Is this just due to a breeze up higher?
Thanks for all your suggestions.

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Not sure if this will help but there is a Gimbal setting called Gimbal Yaw Synchronous Follow. Not sure if those are the exact words but you will find it in the DJO GO 4 app. If this is turned on, it enables the gimbal to continue to yaw for a short time after the drone has stopped yawing. It is intended to smooth out the yaw movement. You could try turning this off and see if that helps.
Timed shots can be difficult if there is wind. The only way to know is to do some timed shots low down in still conditions and see if they are ok.
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