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N3 SBUS port issue
1320 0 2017-9-24
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I connected a Jeti receiver to the N3 SBUS port and I was able to obrtain 4 flights from the N3 and then it would not accept a command to start up the engines. (The reason I wanted to use the Jeti radio/receiver is because it is so much better and easier to work with than Futaba and, that I know of, the only two that allow two receivers on one craft. The advantage, one receiver for the control and one for the gimbal/camera). The weird thing about this is that when the N3 was connected to Assistant 2, there was interaction between the receiver and radio as I could do calibration, check the settings of the switches and perform the motor tests, but when I took it out to fly it, I could not start the motors to fly. This was not an issue with a no fly area. I had flashing green light on the indicator and I was able to launch the drone with LB2, same spot as well as the A3.

So after hours of trouble shooting, Jeti worked on the A3 SBUS (one test), N3 works with LB2, Jeti works with A2 on SBUS, however, when placing a Frsky X8R receiver on the SBUS port, there was not enought power coming from the N3 to get the receiver to work. I added power to the receiver but that didn't help as there was no communication between the FrSky/Taranis X9D+. (Radio/receiver was bound, when I added power the radio spoke to me and I got a green light on the receiver indicating is was talking.)

So, do I send the N3 in for repair? Will I be foreced to go Futaba?


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