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something issue
315 1 2017-9-26
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United States

Good afternoon:
I did happen to immediately notice how much louder the internal cooler fans and a motor or two sounded in comparison to my others.
Didn't think much of it until I lost my view on the screen.....375' up and closer to 2k feet out...
The footage suddenly became black/white with swirls and went white moments after that. Brought it in, swapped batteries and all seemed well again...for 20 mins....then the same.thing all over again.
It's as if something inside is warming up and separating ??
Ideas, suggestions, advice ???
Its been a rather disappointing day.
Please advise.
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DJI Thor
Flight distance : 13602 ft

Could you please provide me a screenshot or a short video of your case? It is hard for me to imagine black/white with swirls on the screen coz I haven't met it. Beside, please check if the original video on the SD card will also have this issue, and see if an update of the firmware or trying another mobile device will help. Thank you.
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