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Reshaping - Drones for a good cause
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Sharing is caring, helping is developing

Sharing my work with the help of opened up a huge amount of possibilies. I have started aerial photography/videography 3 years ago. Since than I have managed
to become an appreciated drone pilot. I have won several international competitions organized by DJI, National Geographic and so on.My pictures have been exhibitioned in art galleries all around the world New York,Los Angeles, Beijing, Berlin, Spain.

DJI SKYPIXEL "erspectives" World Tour selected two of my pictures to be exhibitioned and silently auctioned. The money went to Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles and other organisations that help those in need.

Caring: I'm 26 years old and I'm a Drone Pilot. This is my profession! Years are just numbers, some might say I'm young but I have a lot of life experience behind me.I lost my father 2 years ago, we have bought our first drone together, and started taking pictures and clips also together. Our first drone was a DJI Phantom 2 equipped with a Gopro Hero3 black edition camera. After losing my dad  I did not give up taking pictures, I wanted to get better and create amazing artworks in his memory.

Helping: I have an acquintance Zsolt Keresztes back in October 2016,  he has been diagnosed with cancer, Ewing sarcoma in his left lower leg. After 6 cycles of chemotherapy the only chance to save his life, it was the above knee amputation.
Before he used to be a very active person; gym, dog walking, bike riding, hiking and the running was on his activity list.

The most important thing what he realised in the last half-year that he didn't had to be afraid to do what he wanted to, and he didn't have to let what happened to him stop doing it. He just learned to get up and kept going on.
Since his amputation, He had to learn even to walk again. Doing  everyday tasks (climbing stairs, cooking, shopping etc.) are a big challenge. The life on crutches is not for him, he wants to be more active.
He never thought that he can fall in love with a "piece of metal" , but after discovering the Genium X3 it was easy. This prosthetic knee would be the solution for him to get back to the normal life.
But this fabulous Ottobock Genium X3 itself costs £38,000 with the socket/ankle joint/foot/labour-cost making up the remainder of the cost.
If he manages to get this leg, it will change his life more than most people could ever imagine. He can be as active again as before. He could climb the mountains of Transylvania and finally, he could learn to swim. Kercso has a lot to plans for the future, to live a better and meaningful life.

Me and my friend own a photo studio in a little town called "Targu Secuiesc" in Transylvania/Romania. We have been following Zsolts recovery from the start and wanted to help in any possible way.

It's very hard to get hold of the money necesssary for the prothesis. We have a lot of great pictures exposed in our studio, some of them award winning aerial shots.
Our pictures are printed on canvas that can be hanged on a wall.

We thought by organizing a charitable auction we can contribute with a bigger amount of money.

We managed to sell all our pictures, a total number of 16 and raised 2200 euros for him.

This is a great example that drones can be used for good causes. Knowing that I could help Zsolt was the best experience I ever had, all of this was possible with DJI Products.The pictures have been taken with an Inspire 1 equipped with a Zenmuse x3 camera.

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