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Reshaping the World - A Flight of Nostalgia
925 0 2017-10-6
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Catalin Ene
Flight distance : 287215 ft

When I was a little child, spending my time at my grandparents I sometimes closed my eyes...

Imagining I took off from the ground and joined the eagles in their pursuit for the sky.

Now, I'm back in the same place, but with a different story...

A Flight of Nostalgia

I can't emphasize enough how amazing it feels to go to a place that you haven't visited in a long time, talk about memories with the dear ones and create new ones.

This time there's something different.

The Eye in the Sky
I always wondered how eagles felt when looking down at us, tiny specks on a green blanket.

New drone technology by DJI allowed me to experience a great deal more than I ever imagined I could. Flying my foldable drone, the DJI Mavic, above the forest where my grandfather lives makes me feel powerful.

I'm already starting to ask myself if the eagles have 4k vision and if I could win in a race with one, considering my little quadcopter goes up to 65 km/h.

You may be able to see the beauty of the places I visited in the video above, but when you have spent a better part of your life there it makes it that much more captivating. And frankly, you'll want to share it with everyone!

First drone flight at 86 years old
The short clumsy recording you can see in the video is my grandfather piloting a drone for the first time.

There's a very special feeling you get when someone you admire is interested in your passion.

The happiness and pure curiosity I saw on his face at that time was more than worth the 3 hour long trip to reach there.

Maybe if more people would see the world from a higher perspective... we wouldn't treat Mother Nature so bad...

Next time you visit someone dear, maybe bring along a drone and share with the world why you care about that place.
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