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Reshaping The World - From Toys to Business
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First Officer
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Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics.

Victor Pinchuk

Here's my short documentary that also serves as a autobiography of my journey towards doing what I love.

From Rags to Drones

This is my own story, you don't have to follow what I did.

Be unique, do your thing, but if you're reading this you might want to take into account one of the biggest business opportunities around: Drones.

In this account, DJI is the main player, and this isn't coming from a fan boy, but from someone who tried most of their prodcuts and judged objectively.

Use props
First Officer
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There's nothing to be ashamed for if you fail. Knowing you tried your best is always excusable.
6 Drone business ideas
So many new fields of work and opportunities have opened thanks to this new industry that you are certain to find your place in it with a bare minimum effort.

If you want to excell though, prepare to work hard and focus on what's important.

Keep in mind the 80/20 Pareto rule: 80 percent of your results are achieved with 80 percent of your work.

Let me give you some concrete ideas if you'd like to start right now:

  • Aerial photography
  • Videography ( weddings could be an option)
  • Commercial Inspection Services: Bridges, Power lines, Wind Turbines, etc.
  • Building inspections: Check Roofs, Chimneys and damage to buildings
  • Flying banners for businesses: Aerial Adveritising
  • Selling accessories in an online store.

These are just a few from dousins if not more fields I could think of.
And more are coming soon.

How to prepare for the Drone business boom?

  • Know how to fly a drone
  • Get A Spark or a Mavic from DJI (it's very easy to fly)
  • Start doing some photography and videography projects.
  • Outreach to hotels and locales that need promotion.
  • Create a short interesting video and ask them for money to promote it (on your facebook page too)
  • After you have a social media following from all that promotion, maybe build a service site, or a site selling drones.
  • Repeat

There's no better time to take action than right now. So don't hesitate and be the person you'd want to be your mentor!

Use props
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