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S900 / LB2 / A3 / Z15-5D III a few questions
499 0 2017-10-14
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Flight distance : 689442 ft

We use a SW900 with LB2, A3 and the Gimbal Z15-5D III. We also installed a front FPV camera.
The gimbal is connected to the LB2 via the gimbal port [instruction picture item no. 3].
The FPV camera via the LB2 on the AV-IN [instruction picture item no. 2] and to the A3 on the S-bus port [instruction picture item no. 15]
The switching of the streams takes place in the app, HD settings. Canon camera with choosing EXT and FPV camera with LB.

I have a few questions:

- The image of the FPV camera in the app shows the Canon camera settings. These disturb / obscure the information for the pilot. Is there a trick to disable these camera indicators with FPV / LB?

- The Canon 5D III can only be triggered with the specified settings (timer 2 seconds). It does not work without timer (Single shot). When I press the trigger on the controller, it takes up to 3 seconds until the camera start making the picture. Until the Canon is ready again, it takes about 10 seconds. Can the reaction times be shortened? Maybe with an external remote control (IR, radio)? The IR receiver is hidden by the gimbal, since it transmits an IR signal. In the case of a radio trigger, a plug-on device will be required which disturbs the weight ballance. Do you have a tip or suggestion to speed up the shots?

Thank you and kind regards

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