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THE BEST Mavic CASE - Bar None!
1375 6 2017-10-16
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Aerial Gopher
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Was tired of looking for a case that would work for what I wanted. I found that most only allowed limited items in it. Like you could have one charger but not the other ( House or Car charger ) in the case, and limited space for other items. Any case that I thought might work was CRAZY expensive...

So what does one do when tired of looking and have a sharp knife? - Build your own!

Went to a local hardware store, bought this waterproof case, similar to pelican cases with seal and air release, and brought it home. Played around with placing items on the foam to find the best fit and use for all the items. ( Hours of doing this ) Then pull out the knife and start cutting.

This case was the pluck foam style, but it had two layers, one was pluck foam, the other was not. I put the pluck foam on the bottom, and the solid one on top. Used a marker and outlined the items, then cut them all, then cut the pluck foam on the bottom layer to get the items in deep enough.

So how do you get ALL of these items in the 15 inch x 10.5 inch Inside dimensions?

Items In Case:
Mavic Pro Drone
Mavic Pro Controller
4x Mavic Batteries
2x Large Laptop Battery Banks - To charge Mavic Battery 7 Times
1x USB Powerbank – To charge remote control
Mavic House Charger
Mavic Car Charger
5v USB Charger to charge Laptop Battery Bank - Slow Or can use any laptop charger to charge in 4 hrs
12v Cigarette Lighter cable to charge Laptop Battery Bank
Mavic Charging Hub
Mavic Feet Extenders
Range boosting antenna
Micro Fiber cloth
Spare blades - hidden under the drone
Micro SD to SD Adaptor
USB C right angle to USB
Micro USB Cable x2
Mavic Controller Cables for lightning, micro usb etc.

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Keeps EVERYTHING with you at al times and some extras. Protected, easy to grab and go to a professional shoot, camping, hiking, or just out as a hobbyist.
Weights 16lbs

I could of put a slot between the drone and the charging hub for a phone, but I keep mine in my pocket all the time anyways

The two large silver battery banks are actually laptop battery banks that I use together to charge the mavic batteries when out in the field, or hiking trail (Use backpack for hiking) The battery banks can charge 7 mavic batteries so I get a total of 11 battery cycles with this set up. I do however have an additional 2 laptop battery banks of the same kind and get 7 more on that pair ( 18 Mavic battery Cycles ) Yup... ALL day flying LITERALLY.

One hiccup, is that it takes about 1 hr to cool and charge a mavic battery, and 25-30 minutes to discharge it. If I get another OEM mavic car charger I can charge two at the same time, but I rarely need 100% continuous flight time.

Next I will remove the pluck foam and get a piece of solid foam for the bottom half, then hot glue them together and to the sides of the case so they don't get pulled out.
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DJ Enertia
Flight distance : 614065 ft

nice job on the case mod i like it...i originaly got the PGYTECH case  for the Mavic which is good but i quickly relised im going to need more space for extra batteries,chargers ect so i also invested in the MC-CASES Explorer Edition which does me well for bigger trips and it also has room for 7 batteries a bunch of other slots and also a pull out section which serves well for all sorts of things that may not fit other slots in the case
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Thanks for the 'review'!
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M.C. Pilot
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United States

Wow, great mod work there. Definitely a lot more than what I can store on my GPC.
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DJI Elektra
Hong Kong

Thanks for sharing this. Nice case.
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Bigga J
Second Officer
Flight distance : 1493 ft
United Kingdom

I have the same case for my racing drone, it's certainly a quality item and keeps things secure. My only issue is the size is still large compared to two Mavic bags that can sit behind my drivers seat out of view from prying eyes but also at easy reach for that quick set up and flight to catch a sunrise, sunset etc.

I cant fit it in my boot (trunk) as thats full of my golf clubs and all the bits n bobs that are required with that.

So, I can have both my main hobbies with me at all times ... in fact with the Thule roof rack I can have my bike with me too .... but then fuel economy suffers!
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First Officer
Flight distance : 202283 ft

Great case....and so many itens!!!!
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