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Proof of payment issue
1268 3 2017-10-20
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I have sent my drone in for a firmware issue to get a bill CAS-1041799-L7X3R7 for  cosmetic damage not wanting to argue and delay the return of my business drone  I paid the bill just to get an email wanting me to pay for it in which I already did  so I produced a copy of my PayPal stating it was paid I even took  it a step better and gave my bank statement saying it was paid now this has been going On  Close to two months  and several emails DJI will not fix and return my drone because they lost their statement  not a very good way to run a business especially when it affects my business I am losing on a daily basis  and very close to losing several contracts the money  that they're having issues with is way less than the money that I am losing sure wish they could get their act together not a big fan of DJI at the moment and not far from opening a lawsuit my advice for anyone needing repairs to their drone do it locally do not send it to DJI I would love to come back on here and say how well they've treated me in the future but I just don't see that happening it's not like this is just a cheap toy that I play with once a month  they are messing with my livelihood  and man does it hurt
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Sincerely sorry for this, I've forwarded your case to the appropriate team, we'll investigate this case and escalate it for you, sorry again for the trouble you have been caused.
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Seriously! what is going on with DJI customer support?
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Vanna, I'd like to buy some punctuation marks, please. Sorry, just couldn't resist. In all honesty, this type of scenario is becoming all too commonplace lately. Sorry to hear about your crappy situation.
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