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X5S Panoramas possible
422 1 2017-10-22
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Been messing around with my Spark, which I bought only to do roof inspections where there were a lot of low hanging trees and didn't want to risk my Inspire 2 rig.
$600 vs $6000!!
That little bugger has surpassed my expectations.
Anyway, to the point.
I read on the front page of this forum that the Spark is the only DJI drone that offers Panoramas.
That got me thinking.....
It does automatically shoot a sequence of shots up - center - down - left - right- etc.
And it is capable of stitching those together (Poorly!) Which led to experimenting with other software(s).
DJI media maker does a bit better job, but Microsoft ICE ROCKS!!! And... IT's FREE!!!
Here now, I am shooting panos with my Inspire 2 - X5S with Olympus 12mm. I can mimmic the camera movements and with ICE, ---well, you be the judge.
Here are some samples. Bear in mind, I had to resample them down to get in under the 2MB limit, but they are still bery high res.
After stitching and initial crop, they were 123.43" wide and 79.5MB!!
Note that in the last one, there is a small sliver of moon that can be seen once you zoon in.

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DJI Elektra

Thanks for the positive feedback.Hope you can edit more great pano by DJI media maker.
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