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Affiliate Marketing Contest rules clarified
865 1 2017-10-24
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United States

I was recently concerned with the DJI Afiiliate Marketing Contest where DJI awarded prizes to contestants who broke the rules;

dji rules.PNG
6 out of 13 (16total) winners either; showed flight over people, beyond line of sight, and over bridges or roads with cars present.

I recieved an email clarifying the affiliate contest rules; dji urban.PNG

The clarifications states the 5 not acceptable scenarios (1shows a manned airpane, 2flight over people, 3beyond the line of sight, 4Goggles without a spotter, 5over bridges or roads with cars present) only counts in "Urban areas, where is surrounded by number of building. It is easy to crash in that kind of scenario."

urban 1.jpg urban 2.png

2 of the the 6 showed flight in Urban areas; surrounded by 40+ story buildings, over bridges/in between bridges & over roads with cars present, all in densely populated urban areas + Urban areas at night.

The contest winners should NOT lose their prizes as the awards were already given. More honorable mentions should be awarded.

I am only writing this as 16 DJI Content stars are now "in a way" being paid by DJI to promote DJI products and the drone industry.
DJI awarding these actions may greatly encourage others to also fly in scenarios where it is easy to crash.
I believe it is best to avoid overly restrictive new drone rules where possible, as I just read about on the DJI forums less than a week ago about; New drone laws for Thailand
(Carlg1 commented on the article saying the article does not mention the 1 million baht insurance coverage ontop of registering your drone)

I hope other honorable mentions can be added as this contest was unfair and future DJI Contests promote safer flying.

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United States

Amazing share! Marketing rules and regulations with affiliations are explained in a wonderful way. Recent updates and information of PPC Management is shared by my friend. Also suggested me to go for promotional activities to increase walk in at my saloon. Her idea is great and helpful.
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