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My first time NO SIGNAL! Return to home activated
470 1 2017-11-16
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Ryan's Sparky
Second Officer
Flight distance : 302316 ft

My hands were shaking i didnt know what to expect, i just prayed it would all do as it should and return....
So, the other day i decided to go for it... Yes, a range test.
Out in my usual practice spot, i usually only fly 100m max distance but i decided to risk it and see what kind of range i could actualy get from the Spark...
After turning on the spark and doing the quick pre flight checks, i launched it up and forwads at full speed. Once reaching my chosen altitude i continuted to push forwards.
after about 250m i could no longer see the spark its so tiny. This makes me so nervous but still with very good signal i kept pushing forwards.
i check and check and check the siganl strenght and direction of my spark, at around 800m it happens! The screen on my phone starts to show loss of siganl and loss of video transmition. i pause on the sticks and hold my breath, what will it do.....
After a moment it regains signal. All good and im still in full control so i keep pushing forward. At this point my son noticed and pointed out my hands were shaking. i told him i was cold but i think he knew i was worried about loosing my precious spark.
At around 880m the signal went all together. i got the 'return to home activated' announcement, the alarm was going off but what was happening??? i had no idea i couldnt see anything on my screen!
i was now scared, i had no control and no idea where my spark was or where it was heading!

At about 300m i regained video and i could clearly see that my spark was almost home!
The panic was only over once i actually regained sight of my drone.

Conclusion- well, personally 880m is far more than i need and i am more than happy to keep to distances much less than this in future. This is a great piece of kit and im glad that it works the way it should but capable of returning to home or not, range testing just isnt worth the stress.

Use props
DJI Elektra

Please do not leave your drone in dangerous situation. I would not recommend you fly over the transmission range and pay attention to the battery power in case that your drone needs RTH.
Use props
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