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Horizontal noise and ghosting in EI mode D-Log X5S V01.01.0200
908 2 2017-11-24
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Hello DJI Mindy and fellow drone pilots,

I posted notes on our problem and my findings in some other thread (which had topic on fw. V01.01.0200 and purple frames problem with X5S in EI mode D-Log ProRes).

As requesteg I start separate thread with details on
- horizontal noise bands that filcker all over the picture in Ei mode D-Log in ProRes 4444XQ on X5S
- strong ghosting that we found in our night shot in EI 400 in ProRes 4444XQ on X5S.
Here are two pictures that ilustrate the problems, while link to Dropbox folder with some original shots is at the end of this post.

1. Horizontal bands flicker in noise... This is frame grab from EI400 D-Log ProRes 4444XQ footage, with corrected levels (64-960) and minimal gamma correction. Noise bands are present even in EI100 while hidden in the dark, and they get very pronounced  at EI400, while they are severe if EI is higher... They are present even if we filim with lens cap (fully dark image has horizontal noise bands that flicker even at EI100, very visible at EI400 and above).
grab 2017-11-22 at 01.39.18 copy.jpg

2. Strong ghosting in night shots... This is crop of the frame form proxy H264 file in EI400 D-Log, with correcrted levels and stronger gamma correction in order to showcase the problem.

I uploaded some original files in ProRes 4444XQ and some stills from the footage ... 0_jFrrtwm6EYka?dl=0

Please advise what should be done to overcome these probems...
In the meantime we will try to downgrade, as previous fw. and "D-Log 500" worked flawlesly with X5S in all recording modes...

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DJI Mindy
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Thanks for the feedback, the video has been transferred to our engineers for analysis, I will keep you updated once I hear from them in working hours, appreciate your patience.
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Hi DrMrdalj,
Exellent post!
Did you ever get an answer back?
Because I have the exact same problem.. :-/
All the best,
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