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Camera blank frames when taking pictures
526 0 2015-4-13
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I don't need a half second black frame to indicate that I have touched the shutter button to take a picture. I allready know that as I was the one who pushed the button.

While flying via the FPV like monitor view (ipad mini)  my copilot (running the camera is snapping away, and I find that I don't have a continuouis image to reference for my orientation or location, but a random spattering of Black Frames and a CLICK when the pictures are taken by the CoPhotoPilot.

If you were driving down the highway in your car, whould you throw up a screen to cover the front windshield for 1/2 second every time you took a picture...  You would not, as the primary function for the monitor (or windshield) is to see where you are going.

The solution is just to put Text and a photo icon on the center or the screen when the picture is taken.  It could even say "Photo-001 Taken"  or if it was a bracket of three pictures it could say "Bracket-001 Taken".  The click is needed only for the rank amature, and could be an option to hear it or not.

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