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Car mount troubles, horizon plane not stable
700 0 2017-11-27
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United States

I have 2 problems:1) When I have my Ronin MX in my car and I make even a slow turn, the ronin will change where it is facing, instead of simply facing where I want it to film.
For example, if I am focusing on the driver and he makes a left hand turn, (with the camera behind him) the Ronin will direct the camera to the right and start filming the passenger chair.
After a bit it just gets out of hand, pointing any which direction it damn feels like.

2) When I go to have it in overslung mode, i.e. Car Mount mode (Upside down), I would like to have my camera upright as well, and I cannot seem to balance my Canon 5D Mark IV with my Tamron SP 35mm f/1.8 backwards as it shows in the manual. Mine keeps rolling too much to the left (if you were facing the back of the camera). But I can't simply move the camera more to the right because now it is hitting the bar. However, I don't have this problem when I have the camera in the normal way, there is plenty of room... It just doesn't make sense.

Any help would be great. I have searched the internet for quite some time to no avail...
Use props
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