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DJI Goggles or CrystalSky?
932 1 2017-11-28
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Yes, I know: the Goggles and CS are a bit overkill for the Spark but I want to try new things. Or better said: I know the limitations of my Samsung S6 display, even with the antireflective film. So glare is the main enemy. Another is screen size if you're really into composition setup for your shots - the 5,5" version is a similar size to my smartphone. Again, it's a bit overkill for the Spark but down the road I will definitely buy a Mavic next year or so...

Here's what I think:

+immersive feel
+no distractions from surroundings, full focus on the image/composition
+optional motion controlling the gimbal with your head
+no extra charger neccesary (micro USB)
-a bit bulky on your head and during transportation
-no recording of your downlink video
-no screengrab possible
+price at 549€ with no additions (except a long OTG cable)

+brighter and better screen than any smartphone
-but you'll still have to deal with glare
+same features of the DJI GO 4 app
+recording of the video downlink (in case of a crash)
+screengrab via 3rd party apps
+more portable (5,5" version)
-7,85" version pretty heavy (425g + 170g ext. battery = 595g)
-you'll need another charger (from the Phantom or Inspire series)
-need of a special holder
-prices at 549€ (5,5") / 679€ (7,85") / 979€ (7,85" U) plus 89€ for the holder, 56€ P4 charger and 6€ AC cord

Sooo, what are your thoughts on that?
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Thanks for your attention. Please provide more feedback and suggestion and we will take them into consideration.
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