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GSP V 1.8.0 (3628) Issue
1224 2 2017-12-1
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Flight distance : 728635 ft
United Kingdom

Thought that I'd share an issue that I experienced whilst using the newly released version of GSP on 29/11/17, an Inspire 1 and X5.  Inspire, controllers, camera and batteries are all on the latest firmware.
After completing several waypoint flights successfully (planned on the previous version and in the new one) I experienced the following:

  • Waypoints sent to drone
  • Drone takes off, ascends to programed altitude
  • Drone proceeds to first waypoint
  • Drone arrives at first waypoint and begins to turn to planned flight path
  • Drone shows as disconnected - i.e. not under GSP's control.  Location of drone is still shown on screen, telemetry from drone is still shown on screen.  RTH button on screen is unavailable
  • Slave remote and DJI GO4 (for camera control) shows errors 'Compass Error, GPS Error' briefly
  • Drone begins to drift with wind
  • Drone recovered by switching from F mode to P mode
  • RTH button activated on remote
  • Drone flys directly back to RTH point - location is displayed on GSP screen

The issue and symptoms were repeated twice more using the same flight path after power cycling remotes, drone and using different batteries.  After the second failure the flight path was changed (new waypoint 1) and the same issue reoccured.

The flight was then flown manually with no issues
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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Hi, Dronesondemand, sorry for the trouble caused, please help us to verify the following info:
1. May I have the firmware version of the aircraft and Master and Slave RC?
2. What iPad are you using?
4. Does the place have strong magnetic interference? Have your tried to calibrate the compass and tried other places?
5. Have you tried to switch the RCs?
Thanks for your time.
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Easy Ed
First Officer
Flight distance : 41414 ft
United States

nicely done - thanks for sharing.
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