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Camera video and stills washed out
1743 3 2015-4-14
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David Crandall

United States

Im having trouble with the camera video and stills coming out washe out looking compared to my phantom2 vision plus video. I have the dark filter on the camera and was using it on a very cloudy day and everything is way to light looking, very light. the settings were in auto, white balance in auto, no matter what I try its washed out. the vision plus is much darker and rich in color, I flew both today to compare,  Please advise, thanks  Dave C
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United States

First thing to nail down is the exposure. Turn on the histogram and make sure that you have the darkest parts of your images near the left hand edge of the histogram. Similarly mkae sure that the brightest elements are over to the right. If you are seeing a whole mass towards the right then you are overexposing and we should then work out why. Please also ensure that the exposure compensation is on 0; this is the right hand wheel on the controller. Even in auto this adds or subtracts the exposure to what it would otherwise have chose. Are you shooting in DNG and LOG, in which case they do tend towards flatter images but ones that respond much better than JPEGs in post processing.
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Are you shooting in LOG or STANDARD?   The best source image is taken in LOG, which makes the initial look quite milky and flat with the expectation that you would be editing the image afterwards to get the most out of it.   

The reason for this is the auto settings look pretty good but often limit you as to how much you can edit it afterwards.

Have a look at this before/after, shot in LOG and color corrected after.
before after.jpg
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jimhare Posted at 2015-4-15 08:37
Are you shooting in LOG or STANDARD?   The best source image is taken in LOG, which makes the initia ...

Hi Jim,
I really appreciate your contribution to this forum - it has helped me a lot to find workable settings.

Now, after the FW Update, the soft setting doesn't seem to work anymore. I've been mainly shooting 3840x2160, soft, log. This rendered the best results in post-production at my main client.
Since today I'm getting a lot of aliasing with the same settings. I only found out later, so had no chance to test sharpness -2 and -3 in the field. Just on the bench here, with sub-optimal light, these settings seem to have no effect. Could you please double-check???

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