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I am curious to know why I cannot delete my records from the cloud server.  As the data generated is mine and produced by my drone, would it not be my right to access the data and delete it from your server?  Just as if I wanted to remove a picture from Facebook I can go into the app and delete it, which also removes it from their server.  I appreciate the desire to retain logs for historical flights for technical issues; but find it strange to store all logs for every aircraft you sell golobally without the users ability to remove select log files, and what is your retention period?  I am sure this will eventually be a large data set and require a mass amount of storage for you to maintain.

This may be a much easier solution for you to implement over and above the off line mode you semi-enabled (Can only be used on Android and only with the DJI Pilot app).  This maybe a much easier solution for certain industries who rely on your products, but who do not wish to share their flight log data.  
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DJI Susan


Hello there, you can choose the flight record you want to delete, slide it to the left, and then tap Delete. Synchronize the flight records and the flight record you just deleted will also be removed from the synchronized flight records.
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