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P3 Battery and discharge levels etc.
535 2 2017-12-9
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I am trying to determine the levels of charge rate acceptable to the P3 battery. The Pro DJI charger is rated for 100W ... meaning likely 90+ by time losses involved. The brick thumps 17.5V constant regardless - so the amp rate will vary as battery charges.

OK ... so first of all I put 3 different batterys on that were all at slightly different storage levels ... 15.3 to 15.6V

Charge rate even when set at 8.0A did not go above 4.9 - 5.0A.

Next I discharged one battery - no way was I going to risk all 3 !! - to it shutting off.

The shut off occurred at 13,62V .... totally unexpected as I had been told by DJI tech that 12V was shut off (3.0V per cell).

This presented a problem as the standard LiPo chargers adjust volts based on battery level. The battery being at shut off level - meant that charger could not initilise to the battery before it shut down. So I had "CONNECT ERROR" ...
The DJI brick thumps 17.5V at the batterys and this triggers battery to accept charge. So I had to 'bump' the battery for a minute on DJI brick to just over 14V to get have battery not shut down while charger started up.

Charge rate set at 8.0A .... it rose to over 5.3A with flickers to 5.5A.

My charger ramped up voltage and that meant I was near maxing out the charger. To explore higher rates - I would need a higher rated charger or variable metered power supply.

But for me - the surprise was the 13.62V shut-off.

I would be interested to know if anyine else can check shut off voltage and other info in this matter ? Test data - not assumptions which most are on forums.

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Mark Guille
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I believe the battery shuts off when the lowest cell drops to 3.0 volts if this is any help.

Mark G.
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