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Zenmuse XT Functionality on the I2
349 1 2017-12-15
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I've read elsewhere numerous times that the IR camera (Zenmuse XT) cannot be used on the I2 because the data processing occurs in the camera, rather than in the aircraft, which is where processing of the data from the X5S takes place.  Also, the XT's gimbal mount is of the older (Inspire 1) design.  However, the newer Matrice 210 can fly both XT (older mount with data processed in the camera) and the X5S (newer mount with the data processed in the aircraft). A coupler that converts the gimbal mount from the newer-type gimbal connection to the older-type gimbal connection is needed to use the XT on the Matrice 210, right?

What I don't get is why the XT cannot be used (in conjunction with the coupler) on the I2, when both the I2 and the Matrice 210 process data from the X5S the same way but the Matrice 210 can still use the XT - a camera that processe data internally - with that coupler.

Sometimes I really feel like I'm dense.
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Hi, DS. As you mentioned above, the adapter is not compatible and we have no plan on providing this feature now. Thanks for your attention.  
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