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Very bad service and osmo still not working
311 1 2017-12-16
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Costa Rica

I bougth an Osmo last XMas in Paris, France where iam from, i live in Costa Rica, there is no Osmo SHop here what so ever, i got a number given to me that actually do not exist
Anyway, here is my story
After 3 weeks of having it and using it 3 times, the Osmo started to do a constant bleep sound and was not acting correctly, I tried every tutorial available still nothing, a friend that is a professional photographer came touched it and it miraculously worked ! i was in awes to say the least !!
One month and twice used later it simply stopped. full point .. never switch back on, i thougth it was the batteries so i bougth a new set and a new battery charger. Still nothing
I contacted customer service that looked like they did not listen... my story was too much for them apparently, having it as a gift for xmas, in France yet living is Costa Rica was mind boggling for them it is like it did not print in them somehow ( as if it was the most important part of my issue lmao) , after a 4th contact i got the fake number in Costa Rica i tried to explain this place did not exist, they kept on saying "if it is writing there then it does " ; just Wow !!!
One year on I have a dead Osmo, that never got back on, i can not found anyone that actually can help me understand what happened, i try to reboot by pressing the record and bluetooth button while pressing down the power switch, nothing
I am very disappointed, will never suggest it to anyone
, my family simply lost more than 600€ in a broken gift. my work got slowed down big time (iam a vlogger with 50.000 + followers btw)  


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Hi Ju'light, we are so sorry for the unpleasant experience with our products and customer service.
May I know what fake number you got from our support and how did you contact them? Via phone or online chat? Could you please provide your contact number or email account? We will help to verify this situation.
For the problem you are experiencing, please help to check if the communication between the battery and the handle is abnormal.
Please try to wipe the copper sheet inside the battery compartment with 95% alcohol and cotton swab. Let the alcohol air dry. If it does not work, wipe the battery contact with alcohol and cotton swab.  
Please let us know if it works, thank you.
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