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Regarding that annoying video lag between Spark and Smartphone
2128 3 2017-12-29
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We all know that there is a little lag on the video caused by the transmission from the camera drone to the final screen on your phone.

I can clearly notice when Im using OTG or wifi because the differences on the lag is pretty clear. This is one of the reasons a lot of people use OTG(Besides the CE issue that causes not been able to use 2.4GH signal for some devices on europe).

On wifi specially when your flying on sport mode the lag is so big that is pretty difficult to control the drone looking at the screen. Thats why from the beginning I started using OTG.

So based on what DJI people on this forum has mentioned about the risks of using OTG I decided on give it a try to the wifi connection.

Last weekend I did a perfect fly with almost no lag using OTG and reaching 2Km distance. I'm on FCC mode.

Yesterday at home I turned on the Spark and connected using wifi and with the drone on the ground I put myself in front of it and checked moving my arms the lag response. It was pretty good.

Then I connected the OTG, disabled wifi and bluetooth and try again. The answer was the same.

So I told myself. May be I don’t need OTG anymore.

So I went outside to the same location I flew last weekend and takeoff using wifi. The signal was terrible. I mean, pretty bad, to much lag.

Landed the drone and connected OTG. I takeoff again, but the connection was the same. It was equally laggy than before.

So I don’t get it. Why sometimes I have this annoying lag and other times I don’t. I didn’t make any changes since last week, no app update, no firmware update. But there was something interfering with the signal. And I don’t think it was the wifi connection. And I don’t think that this time there was a lot of interferences because I was flying on the same spot that last time when the transmission speed for video signal was perfect.

Any idea what may be?.

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Cameron Dasso
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United States

Pretty sure the connection from the drone to your RC is WiFi also so if you have a lot of interference in the area the lag will be there. Just my guess.

A lot of people are attributing problems with interference to the lack of an OTG cable when in reality based on my own experimentation, if WiFi issues exist, they affect the communication between the drone and the RC just as much if not more than the connection between the phone and the RC since the proximity of the phone and RC are very close and doesn't change.

I am certainly not an expert here but I am just pointing out that if there are wireless interference problems they are not all due to the lack of an OTG cable and won't be fixed by a wired connection to the RC.

That being said, there is a definite improvement in the gimbal response and image quality while flying with the OTG cable and I hope it comes back soon. I fly both Mavic and Spark and the difference is very noticeable but again that could be as much due to the Mavic having Occusync so that's not a fair comparison either.

If nothing else I just like being able to connect a cable vs dealing with switching WiFi.
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First Officer
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That my friend is the billion dollar answer.....I don't think that there is anyone in this forum that knows the answer ( including mods)
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Just to try making things more objective, I tried to have other user make and share measures on it (and explain how to do) here : ... &fromuid=886782
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