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can not get connection between phantom and transmitter(RC)
483 2 2018-1-2
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United States

Hi, after 2 yearts of storing of Phantom 2 vision +, I was going to fly once again. I found that power battery was dead, so I bought a new battery and put it backbut , it can not connect Phanto and RC(transmitter). I used WIFI analyzer app to check  the signal of range extender(RE), and I found that it detects signal out from RE but
not always, sometimes yes, there is a signal and someteimes no-signal. Do you think that I should change RE as well since RE has a internel battery too? I need all the help I could get.   Thanks

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DJI Elektra

Hi, sir. Did you try to reinstall the app? You can change a mobile device for further check. If the problem remains, please inform us. Thanks a lot.
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New Zealand

I think a lot of people are having a similar problem.  My own Phantom Vision 2+ has been used regularly, but last week the preview from the camera did not show on my iPhone.  I have tried re-binding the camera without success.  The iPhone shows the Phantom is connected and can move the camera or take images that appear on the SD card, but no preview is seen (black screen with rotating icon).  I have not tried to update the firmware in the Phantom but have downloaded a fresh copy of DJI Vision on iPhone.
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