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Also confused new Spark owner - Laws - Regs - etc!!
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I have been on quite a few threads here over the last few days and I am a bit confused by some conflicting information and end results.
There are a number of images and videos that get a lot of commedation and kudos for how good they look, and rightly so. But when I consider gathering similar footage with my own Spark I run into a conflict - how can I capture simliar footage within going against many of the other threads, DJI suggestions and Aviation Authority regualtions that warn about safe flying, flyaway dangers, not flying around people or buildings, and etc etc etc.
Is'nt some of this footage actually grounds for prosecution? Aren't some of the pilots actually building a case against themselves by posting such footage? If a future flight ends badly - for any reason - couldn't such evidence be used to display a history of "unsafe" or certainly unreccomended flights.
Its just a bit confussing to have so much talk about the safe and prudent use of a drone and then see so much commendation and congratulations towards operators that seemingly disregard all that in order to get amazing footage.
And I also notice sometimes that even admins congratulate such efforts - are all admins DJI employee's - I'm not sure if the forum is DJI run or user run.
Use props
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