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Strange Habits with Inspire 1
668 0 2018-1-4
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Desert Drone Pi

United Arab Emirates

Hey all,
So recently having some issues with my I1

Shortly after takeoff I get restricted flight boundaries, max height and max distance approx. 50m or so.

I was aware of this happening to some other before and I read somewhere to simply close the DJI Go app and start it again. This seemed to work for me however now it doesn’t seem to do the trick all the time. There appears to be no consistency sometimes I get the restrictions, sometimes I don’t. If I get the restrictions and cancel the app and try switch flight modes it sometimes works, and it sometimes does not work….

Also, when setting the max flight altitudes and distance they keep canceling themselves out and going back to 0 after closing the menu so they are not saving......

Any thoughts?

Please note, firmware, app, and the usual other are up to date and DJI account is signed in when operating.
Please see attached photos.

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