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Don't understand why
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I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A.
When I try to connect my Tab to the Go App and my P3S it connects, the camera and all talematry comes on, then in a min or so the screen goes grey and then crashes (two months ago my Tab worked flawlessly).I also have the Go App 4 which I force close

When I open the Go App 4 and connect it to my Mavic with the same Tab, everything works fine and flawlessly ( I force close the Go App)

Why is it the Go App 4 works flawlessly but the Go App crases all the time???

Let me also add with the litchi app (and both of the Go App and Go App 4 forced closed) it also crases when I try to hook the P3S but works flawlessly with the Mavic.
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Salmonslayer, sorry for the late response, hope the issue has been sorted out.
If not, may I have the APP version and what mobile device you are using and its system version? Thank you.
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