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Updates and failed RC
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More and more we read of failed updates where RC and AC are no longer talking to each other.

As I and many others have found out over time - the tendency for this has increased with latest FW releases. Why ?

Because now and for some time - the two items are literally treated separately now. You not only have to go through update of AC but also initiate update of RC. This can also involve re-linking at times.
One aspect that gets missed also is that just because download of update has been via a logged in account does not mean that login remains. Once update is completed - its needed to ensure that login is made to release the flight limitations and open up menu user items.

I will not go into instructions here but just to try and help people understand that updates are not as simple as just update AC and hope all falls into place ... it doesn't.

I will leave those more experienced than I to maybe add to this in terms of Update full details to ensure AC and RC communicate.

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