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Additional Cameras
1061 2 2015-4-23
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United Kingdom

Thinking of additional cameras on the Inspire;
The DSLRPros camera upgrade looks a helpful addition since the pilot could lose orientation quite easily. ... -1-fpv-upgrade.html

Has anyone got this upgrade that they can comment on?

I would also like to know if anyone has or has considered fitting a Gopro to the top of the Inspire.

I would like to be able to film the sky whilst flying at both day and night and wondered if I mounted a Gopro on the top and set it to film would it create any particular issues? I assume the payload wouldnt be too great although it may provide drag on the flight and use up the batteries a little quicker?

I would assume you could just set it to film or control through the Gopro smart remote.
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I can't comment about the first part but I am also interested in that upgrade. Seems a tad too expensive though. A member either on here or on the facebook page for inspire owners made one himself for I think $200. It was a simple solution that could be easily replicated also. I will try to find the link and share it on here.

As far as being able to carry the payload of the gopro, that shouldn't be an issue at all.
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Second Officer

United States

There are definitely some questions to ask before shelling out $750 for a third-party modification that voids the original manufacturer's warranty.

One question that comes immediately to mind: what effect will adding an additional camera and transmitter have on the already short battery life?  Does it take a minute off current flight time?  Two?  Five?  I would think if it was a zero-to-negligible impact they would have emphasized that in their literature, but maybe not.  Certainly worth asking.

Also: the DSLR monitor, connected to the forward-facing camera, attaches to your pilot's remote.  But remember - this is a monitor only, not an iPad or other mobile device, meaning that you no longer have the DJI Pilot App at your fingertips. So how does the pilot access the app?  For a typical user of this system, where is the mobile device if the DSLR monitor is bracketed to the remote?  If I was considering this device I would want to understand that workflow better.

Also they say in their marketing literature that their approach works "up to 4,000 feet". But of course the Inspire's range is a mile.  THEN they mention a "shotgun antenna" with a 60 degree beam that extends the range to "over a mile."  What is not clear is if this is included in the original $750 price or if it's an extra-cost accessory (it LOOKS as though it's included).  They also do not explain how this would have to be used and how critical the aiming process is (although they say it's "incredibly easy"), and therefore its impact on the workflow.

I too would be interested in hearing from someone who tried out this product.

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