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RTK LED blinks red slowly
486 0 2018-1-21
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Hi all,
We're trying to get D-RTK working without luck. Our setup includes the Matrice 600 Pro with D-RTK system. All upgraded to the latest firmware.

On the base station both the RTK and datalink LED shows green and everything seems to be working OK on that side. Then, we power up the Matrice. The system then initialize and then the datalink LED turns solid green (which seems right) but the LED on the RTK unit blinks red slowly.

In some cases, when we play with the 4-state switch on the datalink side (either on the drone side or on both the drone and base statsion), the RTK will start working properly and both sides will lit solid green, but this isn't consisten and of course not a useable solution.. I'd expect the RTK to powerup and turn solid green after power up.

Any one every seen such an issue and knows what we might be doing wrong?

Many thanks!

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