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Mavic Pro & Interference From High Power Lines
487 1 2018-1-21
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Hi all.  Somewhat new pilot here.  Have a question for the more experienced pilots.  I was flying in a nearby open field that has a some high power lines running parallel with it (about a tenth to two-tenth miles away from the edge of the field).  I didn't notice any unususal activity from my MP but I purposely did not get too close to the edge of the side of the field closest to the HP lines (didn't want to tempt fate).  
My question is if others have noticed any EMI or RFI interference from HP lines at a distance and what is a good distance to keep from them so as not to lose control.  I don't intent to ever get close to them as a rule but I also don't want to be up 200' or 300' feet and start receiving some unobstructed interference from them causing my MP to disconnect start a fly away because of losing GPS lock or compass calibration.  

Any thoughts / suggestions would be appreciated.   Thanks much.
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I have flown near 11Kv lines with no issues at all, although it s not recommended!
I knew they were there, but misjudged how close they were, only noticed them as I passed over the top of them with about 2mtrs clearance.

Where I fly they cross over the field so I have to fly over them on occasion & I have never noticed any strange behavior.

Biggest risk is hitting them I would say, wont do the Mavic much good.

As the Kv increases then so does the electrical noise and magnetic fields generated by them so your compass probably wont like them much!
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