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Necro Posts
725 1 2018-1-24
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Hey guys, Grmachine here.
I am fairly new to the Spark community but I am a long time forum user on multiple forums.
Lately I have noticed a few Necro Posts here in the Spark forum. A Necro Post is a response to an original post that is several months, or in some forums several years old. I am not without guilt, I've Necro'd a few posts in my day.
But my word of advise for users who may not be keen on forums, please take notice of how old the original post is.
In this particular tech world, issues that occured several months ago, are likely solved already with software updates. Bringing an old post back to life, can cause confusion in the ranks, and make people think an issue still exists, when it might, or might not.
Just a little helpful observation, please dont be angry at me. Happy flying!
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I noticed this too.
Sometimes it is about a fix they found, or a similar question.
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