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Osmo 2 with Pixel 2: Is it jittery?
1175 1 2018-1-28
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So as many of you know, the Osmo line has had some issues with phones that use OIS. If you arent familiar with the situation, just take a look at this thread:

Most people in that thread seem to be using an iPhone from what I can tell. DJI doesn't make it clear on their product page which phones the Osmo plays nicely with, so I'm just wondering if anyone has used the Osmo/Osmo 2 with either the Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL, and what the results were. Did you suffer from the same small jitters discussed and shown in that thread? Is there a way to turn off OIS on the Pixel 2?

Also, if I were to buy this and suffer from the small jitters due to OIS conflicting with the gimbal, am I able to return the product? In that thread, a mod said you can't return it once it's been activated. I truly hope this has changed, as buying a gimbal only to find out it doesn't work well with your phone is a sucky situation to be stuck in, especially when DJI doesn't make the issue clear to customers.
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Never heard that Pixel has the OIS issue from other users. I don't think that will be a problem.
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