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Camera yaw by itself!!
802 0 2015-4-28
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Hi Guys,

Although I set the orientation of the camera to be forward always as the drone moves (means no yaw); the camera is still yawing from left to right and never stopped.

Check this video: where it will show you the drone is not flying at all and the camera orientation is set to forward always yet the camera is still yawing..

I opened a support request with DJI Germany and they replied: Please, do the latest firmware update and also the IMU and compass calibration. Please do the gimbal reset procedure. If these do not help, please contact your delaer and ask for a warranty service.

They did not even bother to open the attached image and see that I am already on the latest App and FW versions..

Is this a known issue?! firmware or App?!

Please; help..

Thank you..

Use props
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