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*was* thinking of purchasing.... but now...?
727 2 2015-4-28
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Came across this site - and even though the drones were $1k each - was excited about making a purchase, but the more I read, the more limitations it seems to have... am I correct in my understanding of the following?

Phantom 2 - "Used" to have no flight restrictions - but now with the new firmware - you can't fly in certain areas (EIGHT kms from an airport - 1/2 a city in some areas), and are limited to height?

Phantom 3 - Now the NFZ are automatically installed, and you can't turn it off (should be the responsibility of the pilot, not a manufacture enforced restriction), and now the 500m height limit is from the 'home' point. (I.e., so if you were trying to fly up the side of a mountain to take shots - you can't - because it will only go 500m from your 'base' point - so as soon as you got there - then it couldn't go higher). Is that correct? Does the phantom 2 have those same restrictions?

I guess... some of my questions are... What are the restrictions of both the Phantom 2, and Phantom 3?

Just so I know what I am getting *if* I decide to get it...


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I've looked at the NFZ.  On the map.  No problems with where I want to fly.  And for the most part, makes sense.  They are airports.  Those zones are for approaching aircraft that go below a certain level to land.  Makes sense to me.   I would hate if a person mistakenly took their PS3 into this area and caused a plane to go down.  Being sucked into an intake.     Maybe some of these limitations are to prevent a ban all together.  I can see drones being more popular and then potentially causing some harm if not controlled.  Mostly to passenger planes.
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500 metres up a mountain is quite some distance: while there will be situations where it's a genuine problem, I suspect these will be pretty rare.
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