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Mavic Air - Things that I appreciate!
289 0 2018-2-3
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No Man's Drone
Second Officer
Flight distance : 301545 ft
United States

I have been flying my Mavic Air since I recieved it last Wednesday and I must say, I'm quite satisfied with it. A few things that I really appreciate with it:

- Horizon is perfect and stays level all the time. With my Mavic Pro, I always have the horizon slanted/tilted even after gimbal adjustments the horizon will become slanted again.

- With the 100Mbps video bitrate, I don't have the issue when filming a scene with lots of green in it such as trees, grass etc. wheareas the footage will have some weird flashing artefacts. I always have this issue with Mavic Pro and I suspect that it is because of its low video bitrate.

- APAS rocks. I had it tracking me wile strolling in the back woods and APAS does it job very nice.

- 2.7k @ 60fps scales really nice to 4K!

- Really stable even in high winds.

I know it's only gonna get better from here. I can't wait for the Mavic Pro 2 (if ever!)
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