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Dynamic Home Point missing - 100m limit active track
773 1 2018-2-3
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Just got my Mavic Air yesterday and was very impressed of the built quality so far. I am a long time owner of DJI drones starting from the early phantom series up to the 4 and then switched to the mavic pro which i still have and now the air.. looking forward to start flying it today.

Just noticed that there is no dynamic home point setting in the dji go 4 app which was very usefull when chessing a boat for example using active track.

I leave in an island so i use my drones a lot over the sea to film sailing boat races and speed boats from my boat.

With the latest mavic pro update dji added the dynamic home point so in effect enabling me to travel alongside and follow the boats as far as i wanted over a great distance because the home point was changing to my current position.

Before that after a while it would stop and refuse to follow the boats as it exceeded its max range from home point.

There was an occation in which i almost lost my mavic to the ocean as i flew it far away to film an Americas cup race from my boat but when it was time to return it back could not manually find my boat as the sun was too bright so my phones display was allmost useless, the sea all look the same so its was impossible to orient myself to where my boats current location is.. and could not go back to the recorded home point as my boat had also moved to another position.. i eventually managed to locate a bigger boat and sent the drone and my boat to meet there and managed to save it!

So you see an accurate Dynamic home position that keeps recording your phones or GPS position is very important in some cases.

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Unfortunately this feature seems to be missing from the Air iirc some due did a review on a bike... (can't find it anymore) and complained about the same issue.
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