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CrystalSky can't copy larger than 2gb files to USB?
515 0 2018-2-8
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I recently got my CrystalSky 5.5. One of the main reasons for buying it, was being able to copy files from MicroSD to a thumb drive while in the field.
But copying files that are larger than 2 gb to a usb device seems not to be possible. I repeatedly get the message that there is not enough space (yes I have checked, and obviouly there is enough space). Copying big file from MicroSD to MicroSD seems to work fine but from MicroSD to USB thumb drive or harddisk, the 'not enough space' message pops up when trying to copy 2gb or larger files. When I put the same MicroSD and USB thumb drive in my computer, I can copy these large files flawlessly.
Am I doing something wrong or is this just not possible?

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