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Focus ring position on Zuiko lenses
389 0 2018-2-9
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Hi all, sorry if somebody made it already clear, but I have just went through so many threads here and haven't found this obvious question/answer.  So, we also ran into the same issue after our first flights: soft pictures with Inspire 2 / X5S  camera.

Please can somebody make it clear the followings and if I understand this well?  
(We can not make tests for the time being, but will do so in two weeks).

-  If we use the Zuiko lenses on a way that the focus ring itself is switched to manual position and we focus to infinity then we can not controll the focus on any way via the app, it remain in infinity - this is correct, right? And in this case we don't need any calibration either, I assume. (This would be the easiest way, as we make mostly wide landscapes).

- To controll the focus via the app (both in AF and MF mode) you must snap the focus ring on the lens to the Autofocus position and calibrate the lens, right?


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