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GSPro POI Mode and Video
376 0 2018-2-10
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I want use the map planning features of DJI Ground Station Pro (GSPro) to do smooth, orbiting VIDEO shots of objects.  Before I purchase the POI add-on for GSPro, I want to confirm (or refute) the notion that the POI feature of GSPro will do a smooth orbit of the point of interest, rather than a series of stop-and-start waypoints in a circle.  One of the downsides of GSPro is that the app causes the drone to stop at every waypoint instead of just flying through a waypoint.  Really annoying when using video.  I'm hoping that the POI feature will smoothly orbit the target without stopping.  Anyone using the POI feature of GSPro that can answer this?  Otherwise I'll have to resort to Litchi or Autopilot apps.

Many thanks in advance!


Use props
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