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Mavic Air sensitivity and gain settings have no effect
1042 0 2018-2-10
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I am trying to make my Mavic Air not so jerky. For example, when I fly sideways and then let go of the stick it brakes really hard. I understand I can put it in tripod mode or cinematic mode but those are too slow. So I was messing with the sensitivity, gain, brake, etc.. settings and when I apply the lowest and the highest settings for a point of reference I don’t see any difference at all.   

I noticed when I look at the gain settings and it’s in sport mode they are all like .35 or .40 (can’t remember exactly) then when I move the switch over to the non sport mode (I can’t remember the name, I call it grandpa they drop to .25. But when I move it to sport mode and change them to .25 I can’t see a difference.

Anybody else have this problem or know what I’m doing wrong?  I have the gimbal settings where I want them.  Hope this makes sense what I’m talking about. Anyway, help is much appreciated!
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