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WiFi settings - Live in the US. How to default to 5.8ghz?
358 0 2018-2-15
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United States

I’m in Southeast Texas. My Spark always defaulted to the 5.8ghz band. When I took the Mavic Air out for its first flight, I got signal warnings at shorter distances than I could take the Spark. That’s when I noticed that the RC was broadcasting in 2.4ghz. After some research I found that to change the WiFi band you: have the Air on the ground, change WiFi to manual, tap on one of the 100s channels, then go back to auto. After that it operated on the 5.8ghz band and worked very well. After changing out the battery it restarted back on the 2.4ghz band. Is this normal? Is there a way to have it default to the 5.8ghz band? You would think that on the auto setting it would look for the strongest signal for the given distance and adjust itself on the fly.
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