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Travelling to Dubai with an Air and need help
1019 5 2018-2-16
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I'm going to dubai in a month or so and I've read a few of the posts on here but I'm still a bit confused as there's some conflicting information...

I only plan to use my drone to take some cool videos/ picture for my own personal use so nothing commercial.. I know I need to register but want to check I'm doing the right thing, is this the right website place to register my drone? Registration

Is there anything else I need to do to be able to fly my drone? I know there's certain areas I can't fly it and I saw something about a drone flying certificate but from what I've seen they cost a load and wouldn't be able to afford to do one

Also the drone I'm taking is the Mavic Air Thanks!

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I would recommend you to search a bit in the Spark forum here. There is a user from Dubai if I remember it correctly. He could give you first hand information.
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Maybe you can check the local regulations for drone on the official website, also hope other users can help.
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You can take your Mavic with you and fly in Dubai.

Take it easy.

The registration might be for those whom are living there and you don't need to do.
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This is a direct copy and paste from this forum in regards to your question -
Dubai is very strict regarding drones, you are required to have a registered drone with the local and federal aviation authorities, furthermore you require prior permission before flying from the aviation authorities. In addition to this Dubai has very strict privacy rules and regulations. I would strongly advise against flying a drone in Dubai , unless you live and operate there and adhere to the rules and regulations, you can end up with hefty fines and even worse......  
Please see the following links for further information:  

I would like to also highlight the point regarding privacy and cameras on a drone acording to the federal regulations:

a) Requirements for an Individual/Private User (Recreational)(Click to Apply)

The user and UAS/drone shall be registered with the GCAA before flying;
All UAS/drones weighing 5kgs or less shall only be allowed to fly in the approved flying zone (i.e the green zone);
No video or image capturing devices shall be used when flying the UAS/drone;
No UAS/drones shall be equipped with drop or release devices;
UAS/drones flying range shall be within line-of-sight and not more than 400 feet above ground level;
UAS/drones shall fly only during day time and in good weather conditions;
UAS/drones shall be used for fun and not for commercial purposes;
The user shall be responsible to ensure the UAS/drones is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and      it is inspected before commencement of flight;
No user shall fly the UAS/drones near public and/or private property;
No user shall fly the UAS/drones within 5 km of UAE airports outer fence, Heliports, Helicopter landing Sites, and      airfields or in controlled zones;
Direct radio control link shall be maintained between the user and the UAS/drones;
Frequency Band Restrictions (29.7-47.0 MHz max power 10 mW, or 2400-2500 MHz max power 100 mW) shall be maintained;
UAS/drones user shall take into consideration the effects on radio communication, interference of the frequency used;
UAS/drones user shall avoid collisions with people, objects, other manned and unmanned aircraft;
UAS/drones user shall not harass or endanger people or threaten to damage property;
UAS/drones owner shall be responsible to inform the GCAA through the GCAA website when he/she intends to resell the      UAS/drones;
If a UAS/drones accident or UAS/drones loss of control has occurred, the user shall immediately report the      incident/accident to the GCAA on hotline: +971506414667 and E-mail: ;
All UAS/drones weighing above 5kgs and/or equipped with gas engine shall only operate within the GCAA approved      flying clubs;
The minimum age to fly UAS/drones weighing more than 25Kgs is 21 years;

Hope this helps and you don't end up getting - 1, Jailed for 10 years, 2, hands chopped off or 3, Having everything you have confiscated on the spot and fined £100k.
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hello..did you get safely to dubai? i am taking trip and not sure if I should take a drone..i dont want to fly, i will leave for philiphines after few days..i am asking how was it on the airport..tahnks a lot
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