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Send me your defective battery for testing??
678 2 2015-5-1
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United States

I am going to post this here and dji forum.

Why do our batteries only last 20-50 cycles when most other lipo batteries last 300-500 cycles?

No one seems to know....

Why not? Generally, the reason for premature battery failure is one, or a combination, of the following:

1) Poor design
2) Operating above peak pulse current capability (xxC rating wrong or exceeded)
3) Incorrect software/firmware saying they are worn out when they are not
4) Overcharging
5) Discharging too deeply
6) Cell balance issue

I think some testing by unbiased, non dji, engineers may gain knowledge why this is so, so I propose to do it....

But to do this, I NEED defective batteries to test. If you have bad batteries that are of no value to you, consider sending them to me to testing. I have the equipment to do this. I make no guarantees, but in an effort to find the reasons, I offer to test and report back here. Perhaps it is time for us to join the rest of the world who uses lipo batteries and have many many years of reliable life out of them.
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United States

Sounds like helpful testing.  Thank you.  Where would you like them sent?  

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