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X3 footage issue
502 1 2018-2-21
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Flight distance : 1230 ft
United States

Hi all,
I had an issue with the footage I captured from the sunrise this morning. I caught sunrise from my Inspire 1 v2.0 with the original x3 camera that came with it. I didn't have a problem until I got the drone in the air. I'm flying at a park where I've had no previous issues flying there before. Once I got it up in the air, I noticed black (sometimes green) blocks or bars running up and down the screen (almost like a glitch). It did that unless it was far away from me. Aside from that, when I got back home I noticed the footage I uploaded appeard to be fuzzy/a touch out of focus and it really makes it look bad. I shot in 1080p, 30fps, iso 100, and I shoot in the D-Log setting so I can color it more in post. I noticed an error message that said "Cpu Overloaded" I didn't see the full warning, but that's what I remember seeing. I was flying in really cold conditions (28-30 degrees) and was wondering if that could have an effect on the cameras peformace, or an effect on my phone as well? I've linked the footage below to get a visual of the footage problem, if someone could let me know any solutions that work that would be great!

Footage/clip: ... 0aMQoxkXIpVbUa?dl=0

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United States

I would say that temperature can have an effect on the aircraft and camera. You may want to try again as the weather becomes warmer to get a better feel what, if any issues may occur. Of course, you can always hit us up here.
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