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What exactly do the GEO zone warnings mean?
799 1 2018-2-21
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I am looking at buying a Phantom 4 Advanced or Pro drone soon and learned that DJI uses geo fencing to restrict areas.

I am planning on getting permission to fly my drone at small county airports and maybe later regionals. I will speak with airport managers first to get permission to do so safely with their supervision. The problem I realized is that some of these are in zones that may be locked off. My goal is going to be to map the airports in 1cm resolution.

For instance the aiport that I was looking at is highlighted yellow, what does this mean exactly?

Authorization Zones. In these Zones, which appear yellow in the DJI GO map, users will be prompted with a warning and flight is limited by default. Authorization Zones may be unlocked by authorized users using a DJI verified account.
Example Authorization Zone: Model aircraft flying club near an airport.

"flight is limited by default"

How is flight limited?

How would I unlock a zone like this? Would I need to fill out a form with the airport manager? And finally, how long would it last?


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DJI Susan


Hello Easton, in restricted areas, the flight distance and altitude might be limited according to the specific location. You can write an email to to get further assistance.
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