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Mavic Air + DJI Goggles - Should I Use My $100 Coupon?
393 0 2018-2-24
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So the Mavic Air has been out for a month now. I preordered so have been having an absolute blast with my first “real” drone. Carefully reviewing the forums, and have been lucky to avoid any of the issues discussed elsewhere.

I got the $100 coupon for the DJI Goggles when I purchased. I thought I’d hold off and fly for a bit to see if they would be worth it. IT’S DECISION TIME!!!

Should I spend $349 of my cash to get these?

I have read every thread on them with Air. All about the problems. Seems like the recent firmware update has resolved much. I’m looking for any positive opinions?

Who out there has been using this combo successfully and feel like it adds to the experience?

I admit that it sounds like an amazing perspective, but I do fear potential limitations with the Air. Should I expect continued firmware improvements? Is a new giggle release pending and would that even make a difference for the Air?

Sorry it’s such a general discussion, but I suspect a lot of other Air pilots are on the fence like me!
Use props
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