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Updrage Mavic Pro firmware - 1 of 3 batteries required update
731 0 2018-2-27
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United States

I just updated my Mavic Pro firmware to version 1.04.0300 using Assistant 2. The update went without any dificulty.
As is my usual practice, I put in each of my batteries in turn, and run Assistant 2 to check to see if the batteries need updating.

I have 3 batteries:

  • The first battery may have been updated during the aircraft updating process, there's no way to tell, since Assistant 2 doesn't give the user any indication.
  • The second battery did not need updating, as Assistant 2 said there was nothing to be done.
  • When I put the third battery in my Mavic Pro and fired up Assistant 2, it said a firmware updat was required, but it couldn't do the update, because the battery level was just less than 50% charged!

How is this so? Why would one of my 3 batteries need updating, when ALL three batteries are supposedly at the same firmware level after I go through my firmware update procedure EVERY time I update the aircraft?

If that wasn't strange enough, after charging the 3rd battery to over 50%, I put it back in the Mavic Pro, and ran Assistant 2 again. This time, it said that nothing needed updating!

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